Corporate Tax Returns

It is a process to finalize and file tax returns, whether is be personal or corporate. Tax returns have to start with reliable records and recording. In order to be able to rely on a set of books accounts must be reconciled, balanced, and complete. When the client's books are messy and confusing the accountant's office will have to spend more time; this is when a tune-up may be necessary. Once the financial statements are drafted then the Corporate tax return can be completed - Corporate data and financials are inputted and analyzed within the Corporate tax return (T2), discussions with the client, then E-filed to Canada Revenue Agency on client approval.

Personal Tax Returns

As Canadians, we are responsible for filing an annual tax return. I prepare and e-file personal tax returns for a variety of clients. I do basic tax returns for students, seniors, individuals, and families. I also handle more complex tax returns such as rental income, small business income (self-employed income), capital gains, vacation properties, &/or investments.

Estate Tax Returns

When an individual passes away, the legal representative that is listed on the Will as the Executor or Estate Administrator is required to file a final personal and/or estate income tax return(s) to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The final return provides the legal representative the amount the deceased owes to CRA. As this is a debt, income tax is paid by the estate first known as “settling the estate”. This action is required before any inheritance is distributed. Once CRA is satisfied with the deceased tax return(s), a notice of assessment is mailed to the legal representative. A clearance certificate can then be acquired to absolve the Executor from paying any more tax to CRA. My knowledge and expertise will help you through the process.

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