I will work together with you, the small business owner, to come up with the best software solutions to fit your needs. I can provide you with complete QuickBooks Desktop training including converting your system from another accounting program or excel, to using QuickBooks Desktop for the first time. My aim is to help improve and construct your bookkeeping to be more effective and efficient for your business. QuickBooks Desktop is my program of choice since it is the one used the most by my office. I also support QuickBooks Online for small businesses and AgExpert for farm businesses.

An introductory consultation will provide the necessary information to best determine the needs of your business and what part I can play in getting your system up and running. Consultations average 1 to 3 hours.

Once the consultation is finished, I will provide and discuss my recommendations with you to assure a smooth transition to your program. The implementation is based on a schedule that best meets your needs. Training on the new system will be provided using your data at either your place of business, or mine, at a pace that works with your level of comfort. Ongoing support is available by signing up for monthly support or pay as you go.

I Can Assist You By:

  • Implementing the software and setting it up so it meets your business needs
  • Converting data
  • Providing training to the client and/or staff member
  • Provide ongoing support

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